Boutique hotels in Berlin and knows the German capital

The Phoenix of European cities, which has risen again and again from its ashes, is currently the capital of Germany, where about 3.5 million people live in its 890 square km.

It is an immense chameleon city, of which if we wanted to complete the ring around it we would have to travel no less than 300 km. Marked by the scars of the European tragedies of the 20th century, it has managed to recover from its wounds and make them historical testimonies.

An old and new city at the same time, full of energy and trend. Berlin is a modern city full of opportunities for companies and young people with a creative soul. A city that recovers its splendor at an unstoppable pace. Berlin is the most changing city in Europe.

A charming present with a past that is not forgotten

There is no other German city as magnetic as Berlin. A hive of people from all places, cultures and backgrounds: immigrants, Germans, Berliners, newcomers, tourists, those who are passing through, those who stay, artists, lost, night owls…and Berlin always offers something for all of them. For many, it is a mysterious city in Western Europe, far from everything and with more in common with Warsaw or Moscow than with the rest of the cities in Germany.

Art, theater and design flourish here, being declared in 2006 by the UNESCO City of Design. After World War II, its inhabitants set out to rebuild its prestige as a destination for all art lovers.

The best example of all this effort is reflected in the Museum Island (Museumsinsel). The Kulturforum, Dahlem Museen or the German Museum of Technology are also worth mentioning. We will be able to find from works of the world culture, plastic arts, history or music. The city has 175 museums, discover here the most important museums in Berlin.

If you’ve decided to venture into this high city and you still haven’t decided which type of accommodation to choose, nothing like the
boutique hotels in Berlin. In them the experience of being in this city will be completely inspiring where the charm of a present and a past that is not forgotten will change the way you see the German capital.

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