Diego Dougherty passionate about sports surgery

Diego Dougherty is a renowned presence in the sports surgery field. He was born in Guatemala and in his home country he decided to study medicine, as he had a calling for service.

This Guatemalan enrolled in the Francisco Marroquin University when he was 18, and from day one he made it clear why he would be top of his class.

Diego Dougherty stood out during his university career, and his classmates and professors agreed that his passion for medicine made him an integral professional.

Diego Dougherty and his road to success

Diego Dougherty graduated with honors from UFM and as it was expected, he didn’t wait long before taking the next step in his career. That’s why he enrolled at the University of Cleveland, in the United States, to pursue his first specialty.

He decided to specialize even more by studying arthroscopy and sports surgery at this prestigious American alma mater and once more his name became synonymous with ethic, discipline, commitment and professionalism among classmates and professors.

Diego Dougherty successfully finished his specialty and immediately returned to his home country to practice everything he learned during his most recent studies.

Diego Dougherty: acclaimed sports surgeon  

Diego Dougherty continued to reap success upon his return to Guatemala. After a short time back he opened a sports surgery clinic and rehabilitation center for patients between 15-80 years old that injured themselves playing sports.

The clinic is 200m2 and is located in a popular commercial zone in Guatemala. In fact, the location is so good that is close to several offices, corporations and gyms.

Diego Dougherty practices sports surgery successfully in his home country and since opening his clinic he has helped a lot of patients recover completely from their injuries, thinks to his knowledge in the field.

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